Tips for Choosing an Ideal and Good Quality Wallet

Choosing an Ideal and Good Quality Wallet: To choose a wallet from a variety of models, you must find the one that best suits your specific style and needs. In this way, you will wear an impeccable personality and avoid having an accessory that is not of total use to you.

Next, we will give you the key points to consider before purchasing a best tactical wallet in Tactical Gears Lab.


Whatever wallet you carry, it must be useful and not carry compartments for objects that you are not going to use, on the other hand, your wallet should not lack compartments for specific objects that will be indispensable for your occasion.

Currently, there are models of wallets with compartments for all types of objects, with coin compartment ( with purse ), with card compartment ( with cardholder ) and even with keys ( with key holder ) and cell phone ( with cell holder).

The forms in a wallet also vary, that is, the divisions in which the wallet will express its capacity, a detail that the majority usually chooses for aesthetics and not for necessity. We refer, for example, to:

•    Wallets with closing (when it is the main opening)

•    Two body or  bifold wallets

•    Three-body or trifold wallets

•    And wallets with bill holder or clip wallet

In addition, there are secondary structures such as clasps and closures (internal and external to the main opening) that give the wallet greater security, or simply a different way of looking and using.

The choice of the model will depend on the visual and functional preferences of the client. For these same reasons, fashion designers are no longer inclined to make only one wallet model a year, they know that man is increasingly demanding with his image and tastes, that is why traditional designs such as bifold wallets are falling behind little by little.

In tactical gears lab we know the trends, and therefore we will offer you a wide variety of models to enable an ideal wallet structure for you.


Color is something that greatly influences several gentlemen, since not everyone has the same tastes. There will always be the man who has preferences for the lightest colors and others for the darkest ones, or it is even possible that in a man the taste is multiple and he wishes to acquire a different hue for each color of clothing that he can wear. Therefore, Brands must adapt to the demands of customers to fill their expectations at the time of purchase.

In Tactical Gears Lab we are aware of the demands and every day we seek to implement the different varieties of colors that the client can look for, but of course, without falling into bad tastes and without neglecting the classic “black” and “brown” for his greater preference, colors chosen by men with a more sober personality.

Here it will depend a lot on the combinations, so the only thing we would recommend is that if you are one of those people who prefer a more extravagant color portfolio, that the material is genuine leather ( genuine leather ), this will allow its appearance to be See flawless for much longer.


Not only the color is part of the personality of a wallet, but also the different textures of the material and some other visual and structural details that, although not decisive for the main function of a wallet, give the product and its holder a unique personality, expressing a theme that will give much to talk about who owns it.

An example is vintage wallets, whose textures give the model an old look and even have a worn effect that will enhance the theme. Another example is the classic wallets, which no matter where they are taken, will be well-seen thanks to its simple and more natural appearance.

For these details, we offer wallets with different styles, which will also go hand in hand with the importance of the occasion (clothing and place) in which the wearer wants to use it.

If you are not sure which style to choose, we recommend the classic style of Tactical Gears Lab, since they will always look good with any clothing you want to use.

If you are looking for a style, you will most likely find it in Tactical Gears Lab; you just have to be attentive to our news to know in detail each of them.

Size and Capacity

We must think about the occasion for which we will use it and, according to that, the capacity for which we will choose.

There are gentlemen who acquire  large wallets and over the course of several years they have been seen using the same design for any occasion, always carrying all their cards, filling their wallet to the limit with unnecessary objects for the moment, carrying all kinds of documents even for simple exits in which only a couple of cards and some cash are required … What an inconvenience! This happens, quite apart from the bad organization, because the different sizes and structures for a wallet have not yet become popular.

For this previous example, Tactical Gears Lab offers wallets of all sizes, including “Slim Wallets,” which despite their thinness, carry a decent amount of compartments for cards, documents, and cash. There are also Minimalist Wallets, which provide the ability to carry only the essentials on each occasion, reducing the size of the wallet to the minimum possible and expanding the comfort of your pockets.

Finally, there are long wallets ( pocket or hand ), which maximize the capacity of this accessory and sometimes allow you to carry some objects such as cell phones.


It is true that choosing a different material causes the wallet to have a different style, but even more important is the fact that each material has different durability it is this factor that solves most doubts to the when choosing a product, although visual tastes may opt for other materials.

In terms of quality and finish of the materials we offer, there is nothing to worry about, since in Tactical Gears Lab we will always be willing to be the most competitive among the market of men’s fashion accessories. So, even though genuine leather will always win the crown among the quality of the materials, we recommend you get carried away by your tastes because Tactical Gears Lab will always have an excellent product.

Taking into account the mentioned tips to choose and buy a wallet, we invite you to see our review site, where we are sure that you will find a model that will be ideal for you and will look favorably with your style, attitude, and way of dressing.