The Best Cheap Boats And Guides

A ship tends to be considered a luxury for the rich, but the truth is that with little investment, you can fulfill the dream of sailing and enjoying the sea.

•    If you are looking for a cheap boat, be sure to choose an affordable type of boat, dispense with large lengths, unnecessary extras, and focus on your navigation needs.

•    Keep in mind that frauds also exist in the nautical market, so be careful at all times to avoid them.

The purchase of a boat requires money and dedication and the larger its length and the more equipped it is, the greater the costs will be. However, if great luxuries and unnecessary extras are dispensed with, a very affordable boat can be obtained because the market offers many different types of boats for all types of pockets.

To get the boat that best suits your needs and budget, you must carry out a laborious process. The starting point to start is to go to a portal for buying and selling boats like Cosasdebarcos can customize your search by filtering by price range you are interested and looking for second-hand boats cheaper. You can also search for boats that have fallen in price in recent dates to find interesting offers.

When searching online, it is important to keep in mind that online frauds also exist in the market. In order not to fall for any scam and to be able to buy safely, you must inform yourself about the market price of the boat you are looking for. In this way, you can guide and identify when the price of a boat is suspicious for being too low compared to others. Therefore, be suspicious of bargains, visit the ship in person before buying it, use only secure forms of payment, check all the documentation of the boat and be careful with the personal and financial data you provide. In short, to find real cheap boats, activate your common sense and do things with time and without hurry.

In this article, we recommend four different types of motorboat and four sailings:

Cheap motorboats

  • Fishing boats
  • Open boats
  • Cabin vessels
  • Semi-rigid / Pneumatic

Cheap sailboats

  • Sailing cruisers
  • Ride boats
  • Sailing dinghies
  • Motorsailers

Cheap motorboats

Fishing boats

There are many different types of fishing boats, each with its specific characteristics. The cheapest ones range from small boats with inboard engines of about 30CV to somewhat larger ships with outboard engines and more than 100CV. Despite their differences in characteristics and size, all quality sportfishing boats have several things in common: wide sleeves that guarantee stability and safety, high bows that protect from waves, and deep V’s to soften the impacts. If you are looking for something cheap just to fish, a fishing kayak can be a good option. If you want more versatility and leisure, a walkaround style boat or a fishing-ride may be your best choice, since they have more space and greater power for water sports.

Open boats

Open bow vessels can also be very economical. Generally, they are of small dimensions, but they have bathtubs and wide bows of great comfort. They also tend to have large bathing platforms and solarium to enjoy the sun and relax. Like those of fishing, we can also find them with inboard and outboard engines and are very practical and easy to govern, so they are very useful for new captains. In short, if you are looking for a boat to spend the day onboard, with space to relax and practice water sports, an open bow boat is ideal. Some of the most affordable models, but at the same time of quality that might interest you are the Cobalt 200, the Chaparral H2O 18 Ski & Fish and the Bayliner Element.

Cabin vessels

Cabin vessels, in addition to being quite affordable, are the most popular in the Mediterranean. There are two types: small and sport boats, and family cruises, but the first ones turn out to be cheaper. These cabin boats usually have areas for sunbathing outside and, inside, have a basic cabin in the bow for two people that allows you to spend the nights on board. Its main characteristic is its sporty appearance, speed and performance and, its most common arrangement, the open bathtub, and the closed bow. Some of the models of this type of boat that might interest you are the Quicksilver Activ Cabin and the Pacific Craft Timonier.

Semi-rigid / Pneumatic

Semi-rigid and pneumatic are two closely similar types of boats due to their inflatable elements and low cost. The semi-rigid tend to have inflatable elements on the sides and function as if they were outer helmets and, above all, as shock absorbers. The pneumatics can be of two types: inflatable floor and rigid floor. The inflatable floors are light, provide comfortable navigation, and also facilitate assembly. Today, this type of boats is growing in the recreational craft market due to its power, stability, adaptability, and, above all, because it is quite affordable.

Cheap sailboats

Sailing cruisers

Sailing cruisers are on pleasure boats designed for long journeys. For this reason, they are usually equipped with cabins and large areas to offer the greatest possible comfort, as well as a high freeboard to ensure safety. They provide a simple, dry, and comfortable navigation, especially in strong wind conditions. Unlike racing sailboats, they sacrifice part of their speed in exchange for greater robustness, stability, and endurance. In addition, they are cheaper and easier to handle. In general, it offers the same equipment as cruise-engine boats, but with reduced costs.

Ride boats

The boat ride, also called daysailers, are relatively small sailboats because, unlike previous ones, are designed for short navigations. For this reason, they also dispense with cabins and allocating all their interior space to the dining room, although sometimes they can offer a small cabin. They can be monohull or multihull and are easy to transport by the trailer. Normally, this type of boat is intended more for leisure than for sport and is considered quite affordable, but there are also higher yields and higher costs.

Sailing dinghies

The dinghies are widely used in ships sailing schools and water sports as they should be, largely, the popularization of sailing. These types of boats have made this practice more accessible due to their low prices and easy handling. Also, its small size makes it easy to transport. Its easy use is reflected in lower resistance to weight and has a maximum capacity of about three passengers. Being light boats also lack stability, so one of the challenges of this sport is to move laterally to maintain balance and control the dynamics of the boat propelled only by the wind in its sails.


Most sailboats usually have an engine that only serves for restricted and low-speed maneuvers, but the main source of energy is always the wind. On the other hand, in a motorboat, the thrust is shared between the engine and the sails, that is, that the engine power represents at least 50%. Therefore, the boat can move quietly even if there is no wind thanks to the engine. It is also very versatile and environmentally friendly. It also has much greater autonomy than a simple motorboat because you do not need to always use the engine. Unlike sailboats, it is characterized by less delicate lines and offers much more space for the cabin and more habitability. Buying a boat represents most of the cost that it may entail, but it is important to keep in mind that during its useful life, you must also maintain it and make repairs. To do this, you will need to allocate a portion of the budget to ship maintenance. Knowing the different financing options for the purchase of a boat that exist in the market can help you to obtain your dream come true.

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